About us

We help companies in the audiovisual industry to obtain stories that touch, inspire and entertain their audience.

Times are changing, it's true, but at Amashort we believe that there is something that never changes: the power of stories.

That is why we have a catalog of short films, series and documentaries, for children and adults. We choose each film for the same reason that the audience remains in front of the screen: because it moves us.

In addition, most of them are validated by festivals around the world, in which they were chosen and awarded.

Countries like Sweden, USA, Canada, Portugal, Israel, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay or Russia already enjoy our films. This makes us very happy and inspires us to reach more territories.

We can tell you about how a child fell in love with the moon, with a grandmother who weaves and dreams, or with two lanterns dancing tango under a starry sky. But we prefer that you discover it.

If you are a company in the audiovisual industry, fill out the form in "Company registration" very quickly and easily, and we will send you a LOG so that you can watch our stories online as many times as you need.

Thank you for your interest in Amashort


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